13 Dramatic Health Benefits of Apples

Apples are popular fruits with many health benefits. If you want to lose weight or stabilize the blood pressure, it’s better to have an apple a day. Here are the 13 benefits of apples.

Dramatic Health Benefits of Apples
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Polyphenols in apples can inhibit the generation of cancer cells. Additionally, the flavonoids in apples are effective antioxidants, which can completely stop cancer. 

Another study found out that the benefits of apples can also reduce the risk of experiencing lung cancer by 46%. While it can also decrease the risk of suffering the other kind of cancers by 20%.

Here are the foods can also help prevent cancer.

2. Good to the bone

The mineral element in apples helps strengthen the bone. 

Also, medical experts believe that if menopausal women can consume 3 grams of boron per day, their calcium loss rate can be reduced by 46%. 

Therefore, having an apple every day is one of the best ways to strengthen the bones.

3. Lower blood pressure

Excessive sodium consumption can lead to high blood pressure and stroke. 

However, apples contain enough potassium can excrete the extra sodium from the body so that it will lower the blood pressure. 

At the same time, potassium ions can dramatically protect blood vessels and reduce the chance of enduring high blood pressure and stroke. 

In addition, the goji berry can also lower blood pressure.

4. Lower blood lipids

Studies have shown that eating an apple every day, and the blood triglyceride levels can reduce by 21% after three weeks. 

And high triglyceride levels are the chief reasons in hardening of the arteries. 

Further, the vitamins, fructose, and magnesium, etc. in apples can also lessen triglyceride. 

5. May help anti-oxidation

Studies the vitamin C in apples can enhance the ability of antioxidant. Exactly, the benefits of red apples are better than green apples.  

6. Maintain the acid–base balance

The research has shown that 70% of the diseases occur in people with an acidic constitution, while apples are soluble foods. 

Hence, eating apples can immediately neutralize excess acid in the body so that it enhances the ability of disease resistance.

7. May good for beauty

The other benefits of apples a day can promote the formation of white blood cells in the blood and improve the immunity. Consequently, it’s good for beauty.

8. Help lose weight

Eating apples every day will increase your body’s satiety so that it helps avoid junk foods. 

Moreover, consuming apples before meals can reduce the intake of foods. Accordingly, the benefits of apples can also aid in weight loss.

9. Help digestion

The organic acids in apples can promote bowel movements so that it’s easy to excrete the waste. Then eating apples can improve laxation.

10. May link to quality sleep

The other fantastic benefits of apples are that apples are associated with quality sleep.

11. Help antidiarrheal

Apples are rich in organic acids, which have the function of absorbing bacteria and toxins so that they can reduce intestinal diarrhea. 

Though eating an apple on an empty stomach every morning can dramatically help antidiarrheal.

12. Anti-cholelithiasis

 Apple can increase the secretion of bile to prevent cholelithiasis.

13. Help protect the brain

Apples are abundant in added zinc, which is a necessary substance for proteins. 

Plus, zinc deficiency in children can affect the development of the hippocampus at the edge of the cerebral cortex that will link to memory weakening and the ability of learning.

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13 Dramatic Health Benefits of Apples
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13 Dramatic Health Benefits of Apples
Apples are an attractive fruit with many science-backed amazing health benefits. Learn about the top 13 reasons why apples are good for you.
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