20 Health Benefits of Goji Berry Backed By Science

Goji berries are kind of healthy foods that we often consume in daily life. Here are the 20 health benefits of goji berry backed by science.

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2. Anti-aging

Eating Lycium barbarum can help anti-aging. A study shows that the LBPs in goji berry has a significant effect on anti-aging.

3. Improve the immune system

Some studies found out that the LBPs in goji berry links to an improvement of the immune system.

Besides, eating goji berries can strengthen the body, improve recovery, and enhance the body’s disease resistance. 

4. Protect against cancer

Studies show that goji berry is a nutritious food that can prevent cancer. Goji berry has a significant inhibitory effect on the formation and spread of cancer cells.

Further, some researches also show that the frequent consumption of goji berries can significantly improve the immune and inhibit cancer.

5. Promote healthy skin

The benefits of goji berry is that it increases the skin ability to absorb oxygen. Additionally, it can also help whiten the skin as well as has an excellent effect on other skin diseases.

6. Improve sleep

According to the research, goji berries can regulate insomnia, alleviate fatigue, and inhibit excitement so that it promotes sleep. Here are the signs of what is a good sleep.

7. Maintain blood sugar

Goji berries are rich in sugar, however, it can alleviate insulin resistance in diabetic patients. Therefore, it can effectively lower blood sugar.

8. Protect liver

The nutritions in goji berry can help prevent fatty liver.

Also, the chlorophyll in goji berry contributes to the detoxification of the liver, while it will improve liver function as well.

9. May help lose weight

Barbarum contains Linoleic acid that is a healthy source of fat that has numerous influences on weight loss.

10. Boost energy levels

Goji berry can boost blood circulation so that it helps transport the oxygen to the cells in the body. And it will lead to energy supplement as well as increase memory.

11. Improve cholesterol levels

Goji is abundant in calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other nutrients that help reduce blood pressure, lower blood sugar, and blood fat.

12. Lower inflammation

The other benefits of goji berry is that the LBPs in goji berries will lead to decreased inflammation.

13. Lower blood pressure levels

Research shows that goji berry is the healthiest food for high blood pressure. Moreover, goji berry has an absolute reduction in blood sugar and blood lipids. 

14. Promote lung health

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the goji berry is sweet and flat, which can not only protect the liver but also improve the function of the kidney. 

15. Enhance body metabolism

The other benefits of goji berry is that it’s rich in vitamin C, which can stimulate metabolism so that it will also lead to weight loss.

16. Prevent cardiovascular diseases

The previous benefits of goji berries include lower blood pressure and maintain blood sugar that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

17. Balance hormones

The Phytoestrogens in goji berries can help balance hormones. By the way, the primary reasons for unbalanced hormones include excessive nervous, fear, and long-term fatigued.

18. Might relieve pain

Goji berries have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help alleviate pain. Besides, it can relieve muscle pain as well.

19. Awesome source of iron

The iron in goji berries is 42% of the RDI, which is higher than spinach. 

Hence, the abundant source of iron in goji berry is also known as the healthiest foods in the world.

Check how to consume the goji berry in the meals.

20. Enhance muscle growth

The healthy fat in goji berries is an awesome source of protein that can help enhance the growth of muscles.

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20 Health Benefits of Goji Berry Backed By Science
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20 Health Benefits of Goji Berry Backed By Science
Goji berries nutritional value: here are 20 possible benefits of the goji berry backed by science. Protects the eyes. Improve immune system. Protects against cancer etc.
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