The Complete Guide of 24 Hour Fast Benefits (Updated in 2019)

Here’s the complete guide of 24 hour fast benefits.

People are wondering if the fasting can help reduce their fat or what can we benefit from the fasting. Also, someone will curious if there are some harmful effects of skipping breakfast etc.

In addition, if you want to reduce weight, but you have no ideas of how to start the intermittent fasting.

So, here we bring you with the complete guide of different fasting methods.

24 hour fast benefits
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Intermittent fasting is a kind of eating pattern that about periods of eating and fasting. So, the main point is when you should eat instead of what you should eat. While 24-hour fast is only allowed to drink water to survive the day.

Besides, there are six fasting methods:

  1. 16/8(Leangains)
  2. 5:2 diet
  3. Eat-stop-eat
  4. Alternate-day fasting
  5. Spontaneous meal skipping
  6. Warrior diet

24 hour fast benefits

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1. Help reduce weight or belly fat

The fasting enhances your hormone that helps to reduce fat. 

Besides, the 24 hour fast benefits to boosts the metabolic rate so that you can remove the wastes from the body.

2. Increase hormone

When you are in intermittent fasting, it helps drop your insulin levels and increase human hormone.

3. Reduce the risk or type 2 diabetes

The 24 hour fast benefits has been shown to have significant benefits for insulin resistance, which can lower the risk of suffering from diabetes.

4. Improve heart functionality

Some researches show that the 24 hour fast benefits with many risk factors for heart disease, including blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglycerides.

5. Good for the brain

The intermittent dry fasting can increase memory and improve your brain functionality by boosting the growth of new neurons.

6. Reduce oxidative stress

Studies have shown that intermittent fasting can reduce oxidative damage and inflammation in the body that can link to the decrease of oxidative stress.

7. Help maintain the routine

You will keep up with the fasting if you want to reach your goals.

8. Reduce inflammation

Some studies showed that both of the intermittent fasting and general calorie restriction could reduce inflammation levels.

9. Lower blood sugar

24 hour fast benefits to reduce the intake of calories and sugar, which can lead to the decrease of blood sugar.

10. Lower blood pressure

Some studies also found the intermittent fasting can link to the significant decrease in blood pressure.  And healthy blood pressure is essential for the human being.

11. Promote your lifespan

The daily fasting can build resistance to age-related diseases.

12. Boost the immune system

Since the fasting helps to increase metabolic rate, which is the main reason for the improvement of the immune system.

13. Simplify your life

Less meals can save lots of your time so that you can have more time at work.

How to begin intermittent fasting

how to do intermittent fasting
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1. Specify your goals

Typically, people who want to start intermittent fasting will have explicit goals.  

For example, it may be to reduce fat, improve health, boost the immune system, or improve brain functionality. 

However, with a clear goal is necessary as it will determine the methods they need.

2. Choose the proper method

There are six potential methods that a person may try when fasting for health reasons, including:

  • 16/8
  • 5:2 diet
  • Eat-stop-eat
  • Alternate-day fasting
  • Spontaneous meal skipping
  • Warrior diet

Usually, a person should be consistent with one fasting method for a month to see the results.

Moreover, the fundamental part of the fasting is when you eat rather than what you eat. It means that you can eat whatever you want. 

Plus, it’s essential to drink enough water or other non-calories beverages during the fasting.

3. Calculate the required calories

calories calculator can help reach your goal quickly. So, to ask the suggestions from your dietitian on how many calories you need.

4. Have a meal plan

The 24 hour fast benefits a lot for fat loss. Additionally, a meal plan aids to stick to the routine, calorie count, and quick snacks for saving time.

Now, it’s your turn for comment the 24 hour fast benefits.

Will you ready to try the fasting?


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The Complete Guide of 24 Hour Fast Benefits (Updated in 2019):
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The Complete Guide of 24 Hour Fast Benefits (Updated in 2019):
This is a complete guide of 24 Hour Fast Benefits. Studies show that there are tons of benefits of intermittent fasting, including weight loss.
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