9 Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast Based on Sciences

Breakfast is the essential meal of the day. Skipping breakfast can link to many unexpected health problems. 

This post specifies the harmful effects of not having breakfast to encourage people to have a regular healthy breakfast.

If you always skip breakfast, this guide will show you why you shouldn’t continue.

skiping breakfast
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Skipping breakfast can lead to a decrease in blood sugar, which may disorder the brain consciousness and have adverse effects on bodybuilding. 

Plus, deficiency of the calories in the body will make you fatigue quickly, which has a severe influence on study or work. Hence, eating breakfast has been known as one of the simple ways to keep healthy

Yet, jumping breakfast in an effective way might help lose weight.

2. Harm to the digestive system

The food can be emptied after nearly 6 hours by the digestive system. 

So, if skipping breakfast in the other day will result in terrible effects on the gastric mucosa. 

And the seriousness of the gastric mucosa is the reason for gastrointestinal diseases such as gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. However, the avocado help improve the digestion.

3. May lead to obesity

Skipping breakfast will also store cholesterol and lipoprotein on the inner blood vessels, provoking to the hardening of the blood vessels. Accordingly, the solid of the blood vessels causes obesity. 

Why skipping breakfast will bring to obesity? Because there is a standard calories intake in the body, thus, you will need to eat more at lunch or dinner due to the jumping breakfast.  

However, there will be fewer activities in the evening so that it’s easier to deposit the fat and finally result in obesity. 

By the way, some healthiest foods such as yogurt and blueberries may link to weight loss.

4. May cause chronic diseases

Why skipping breakfast links to chronic diseases?  In order to support daily activities, the body needs to provide energy from glands. 

And long-term burning tissue from the thyroid will turn your body to an acid situation, which will increase the risks of chronic diseases.

5. May become constipation

If you used to jump breakfast may cause an imbalance of gastric colon reflex, resulting in constipation. However, some healthiest foods such as fruites and vegetables may improve your gut.

6. May link to hypoglycemia

The food in the body will be digested after sleeping all night so that the concentration of the blood sugar is low. 

With zero intakes will keep a decrease of the blood sugar, and finally causes limb weakness or even a hypoglycemic shock.

7. Harmful to the memory

A study found out that the energy of the brain is from the glucose, which is only storing in the liver and kidney for 8 hours. 

Therefore, if skipping breakfast in the morning can contribute to loss of memory due to the lack of energy.

8. May result in high cholesterol

Some research has shown that the risk of suffering from high cholesterol of the skipping breakfast is 33% higher than those who have a regular breakfast. 

Besides, the high cholesterol will link to the hardening of the blood vessels. However, eating oatmeal at breakfast can help lower the cholesterol.

9. May lead to gallstone

It will be an unusually high concentration of cholesterol in the body when you are empty. 

But in the case of usual breakfast, the gallbladder contracts and cholesterol is excreted. 

Consequently, if you usually do not eat breakfast, the gallbladder won’t shrink so that it’s accessible to gallstones.

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9 Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast Based on Sciences
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9 Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast Based on Sciences
Skipping breakfast linked to weight gain and other diseases. This article is the full guide for the bad effects of skipping breakfast.

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