9 Tips For Blueberry Picking – How To Choose Blueberry

Blueberry is a popular fruit that is rich in vitamin. However, blueberry picking can directly lead to flavor.

Also, many blueberries on the market are fake, which might be made of wild jujube or cherry. And dyed blueberry can contribute to harm the health. 

blueberry picking
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The blueberries grown in the greenhouse will be on the market in April, but the better one ripes from June to July. Therefore, it’s better to buy the blueberries in June or July. Yet, it’s better to pick the farm near you.

2. Check the surface

There is a layer of white mist on the surface of the blueberry, which means that those blueberries are free of polluted. Hence, the simple blueberry picking tip is to select the one covered with the layer.

3. Check the color

Typically, the darkest color of the blueberry will be sweetest. While the light color means that it’s not ripe. 

Thus, the dark color blueberries will be more nutritious and fresh.

4. Check the size

Ordinarily, the large blueberries are planted in the farm, and small ones might be wild. There is no doubt that the bigger, the better. 

Because the bigger blueberries will be sweeter. Additionally, the average weight of natural blueberries is from 0.5 gram to 2.5 grams, and the maximum weight is 5 grams. 

Plus, good blueberries are round and even in the same size. Moreover, the surface is smooth and not sticky.

5. Check the peel

More smooth of the blueberry peel, the better. The blueberry has a small cavity if it’s left for a long time. 

Then, don’t buy the blueberries with some small holes on the peel due to its rot.

6. Check the production date

The other plain blueberry picking tip is that choose the earlier date of the product to ensure freshness.

7. Pinch

Pinch the blueberries with a hand to confirm it’s firm. 

Accordingly, if the blueberries are soft and the juice is exuded, which indicate that it’s over-ripe. 

Consequently,  try to get away from those blueberries with wrinkled surface and the soft ones.

8. Have a taste

The simplest blueberry picking is to eat by yourself. Usually, pleasant blueberry smells good, tastes sweet and sour, and even no fruit core. 

9. Smell

If the smell of the blueberries are not fresh that it’s better to avoid them. Typically, the excellent blueberry smells pure.

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Now I’d like to turn it over to you:

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9 Tips For Blueberry Picking - How To Choose Blueberry
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9 Tips For Blueberry Picking - How To Choose Blueberry
Blueberry Picking Tips.The darkest color of blueberries are often the sweetest. With this guide, you will be able to pick the ripe blueberry.
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