22 Proven Health Benefits of Outdoor Running

Here are the complete lists of 22 health benefits of outdoor running. If you want to lose weight or improve your posture, just try running.

With the development of the awareness of personal health, running has increasingly become an essential exercise. The primary benefits of outdoor running are as below:

22 Proven Health Benefits of Running Backed By Science
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2. Relieve anxiety

Running is one of the best ways of stress relief

Why can running lead to stress relief? Because running can help the brain produce dopamine, which can result in happiness and ease. 

Therefore, running can quickly relieve your anxiety and stress in daily life.

3. May help prevent diseases

According to the research, those people who persist running for a long time can improve the function of heart and lungs and enhance the immunity, which can effectively reduce the risk of disease.

4. Anti-ageing

Regular exercise increases the secretion of the hormone so that it can slow ageing.

5. Promote the will

For those who have been running for a long time can improve the quality of the will. Also, it can help recover quickly and become calm and peace.

6. Improve the immunity

Running can boost the production of white blood cells that can eliminate viruses and bacteria in our body. Hence, it improves the human immune system.

7. Improve balance

Established running exercises strengthen the resistance of tendons, ligaments and joints. So, it will reduce the risk of injuries. At the same time, it will also help build muscles. 

8. Reduce short-sight

A study has shown that people who insist on running provides them with a short time to look into the distance every day. 

And it’s a proper relaxation for the eyes. Plus, if a school-age child keeps running every day can reduce the chance of myopia.

9. Prevent heart diseases

The other benefits of outdoor running are that it aids in the prevention of heart diseases. 

Because running can increase the maximum oxygen uptake so that it boosts the circulation of blood. And finally, it can lead to preventing cardiovascular diseases.

10. Speed up metabolism

The study also found out that people with long-term running are associated with the better quality of the cardiovascular system. Plus, running can improve metabolism and reduce blood lipids, including cholesterol levels.

11. Reduce the discomfort of cervical

Other fantastic benefits of outdoor running are that regular running has a significant impact on the uneasy of the shoulder and neck. 

Consequently, running is also known as one of the best ways to relieve the pain of the cervical.

12. Increase lung capacity

Long-term running stimulates the lung function as well as increases lung capacity. Additionally, regular long-distance running can develop the respiratory muscles of the lungs to enhance the lung capacity.

13. Lose belly fat

Adhere to long-term running can effectively remove the abdomen fat.

14. Lower the risk of fatty liver.

A new study shows that aerobic exercise, such as running can slow the progression of nonalcoholic fatty liver

 Besides, running can effectively burn calorie and reduce the risk of fatty liver.

15. Improve digestion

The benefits of outdoor running can increase appetite, strengthen digestion, promote absorption, and significantly improve gastrointestinal function.

16. Strengthen muscles

Your legs muscles will become stronger and fitter after long-term regular running exercise. Here are the he ab roller wheel to build muscles.

17. Enhance body shapes

The benefits of outdoor running can also help improve body shapes. After running for a while, it will burn more calorie and then link to weight loss. Also, your waistline will become more elegance.

18. Increase bone density

Running will stimulate the bone so that it will become more robust. Moreover, sunburn can promote the composition of vitamin D in the body, which can reduce the risk of fracture。

19. Strengthen the knees

Another study has shown that people who run frequently are only 20% with arthritis, while those who don’t have running habits are twice as likely. 

What is even more surprising is that the higher the intensity of running, the healthier of knees.

20. Build body muscles

Long-term running can strengthen the muscles of the respiratory muscles, heart muscles, neck muscles, chest muscles, arm muscles and waist, buttocks, thighs, calves, feet, etc.

21. Keep young

Regular exercise increases the secretion of the hormone HGH so that it will keep young.

22. Lower cholesterol level

Running will boost the blood circulation to lower the cholesterol level.

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22 Proven Health Benefits of Running Backed By Science
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22 Proven Health Benefits of Running Backed By Science
22 Proven Health Benefits of Outdoor Running Backed By Science
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