Bent Over Row Workout With Resistance Bands

When it comes to the bent over row workout, people might link to a back exercise.

If you want to tone your muscles of biceps and shoulders, the bent-over row works excellent for it.

Also, the bent-over row exercise can help to increase metabolism and target variety goals.

So, here we will bring you this post about the benefits and tips of the bent-over row workout.

what is bent over row workout
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The bent-over row is a strength-building exercise, which is a must in your workout routine. 

And the bent-over row workout mainly works the muscles including latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, spinal erectors, and trapezius muscles. 

Additionally, it indirectly works the muscles such as rear deltoids, biceps/forearms, core muscles, and hamstrings/glutes.

By the way, you can easily to do some exercises with resistance bands such as chest fly, push-ups and bicep curl.

Benefits of bent over row workout

benefits of bent over row
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1. Increase metabolism

Regular practising with the bent-over row workout can strengthen not only your muscles but also boosts your metabolic rates.

How does the bent-over row help to increase metabolic rates? When you are doing bent over row, it will speed up the process of calories burning, which is an excellent way to lose fat.

2. Improve body composition

The other benefits of bent-over row exercises is that they improve your body composition – the Body Mass Index – or the proportion of fat to body muscles. 

Plus, it will help to lower the risks of high BMI that cause heart diseases.

3. Boost the overall health

The bent-over row exercise can increase healthy muscles mass as well as enhance bone health. 

What’s more, the bent-over row exercises address the middle back muscle and biceps, which can boost the body’s endurance, and reduce the risks of injuries.

How to do bent over row workout with bands

Step 1

Grab a side of the resistance band with each hand and stand on the middle of it with your feet.

Step 2

Bend over at the waist.

Step 3

Pull the resistance band up to your chest and then lower back down.


If you want to add more resistance on your workout, you can spread your feet out to increase the difficulty.

Now, it’s your turn for comment the bent-over row workout with resistance bands:

How often will you practice the bent-over row?


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How To Do Bent Over Row Workout With Resistance Bands
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How To Do Bent Over Row Workout With Resistance Bands
The bent over row workout strengthen your lower back and target your posterior chain. Besides, it also works for your biceps and shoulders.
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