The Difference Between Hiking Boots And Walking Shoes

If you prefer outdoor activities, but you are not familiar with the differences in the equipment. For example, the difference between hiking boots and walking shoes is rarely known. Here’s the guide will show you the difference between them.

difference between hiking boots and walking shoes
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Usually, we have a blurred impression of hiking boots, and walking shoes, which we think that’s the same thing. But actually, that’s different.

The walking shoes

Generally, walking shoes are low-rise. Why are walking shoes designed in low-rise? 

Because walking shoes are made for some right road conditions. 

Also, the shoe features breathability ensuring you to walk for a long time.

The hiking boots

Typically, the hiking boots are high-rise. Why are the hiking boots with high-rise? 

Because it protects the ankle from sprains in rough road conditions when you’re on-the-go. 

More importantly, the soles of hiking shoes are harder than walking shoes.

Hence, it’s better to wear walking shoes in an ordinary road condition. If wearing hiking boots will cause blisters on the feet.

Additionally, the outsole of the hiking boots is stab-resistant and anti-struck. 

Further, the midsole is with shock-absorbing material to protect the feet from the hard road. 

Therefore,  hiking boots are the best choice in rough, muddy road conditions.

How to choose the best walking shoes?

walking shoes
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Image by Linus Schütz from Pixabay

1. Comfortable

The key to a perfect pair of walking shoes is comfortable. Comfort condition can reduce the occurrence of blisters and other skin problems.

2. Suitable

The outdoor walking shoes should be wear in any sports. Except for the beautiful and handsome, the most important thing is suitable for the different conditions. 

For example, the men walking trainers should be the best practice to stretch, jump, walk, stop, and run

Accordingly, the comfortable and suitable for movements is the priority of walking footwear.

3. Functionality

The best choice of wide fit walking shoes focuses on functionality.

That’s one of the difference between hiking boots and walking shoes.

Because walking trainers should be fit in different situations.

All in all, it’s best to choose those shoes with comfortable so that it can support any exercises.

4. Breathability

Breathability is also another crucial thing that should take into consideration.

Plus, the insole must be flexible enough to absorb sweat while the heel of the shoe should be robust and stable.

How to choose the best hiking boots?

hiking boots
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Image by pen_ash from Pixabay

1. Size

The standards size of the shoes will be different to some extent, so the best solution is, of course, to put on the foot to test. 

This is also another one of the difference between hiking boots and walking shoes.

2. Space

It will encounter a particularly humid environment or snow that the feet will inevitably be slightly damp. 

Then, the best winter hiking shoes must have enough space to be comfortably worn even in a wet environment.

3. Waterproof

The tongue part of the first hiking boots is the weakest part of the waterproof, so make sure to carefully check the design of the tongue is tight enough for water-resistant.

4. Protection support

There will inevitably be obstacles in front of the kick in traveling so that the toe and heel parts must have sufficient fabric protection. 

And the toe part should be firm enough to protect the toes. At the same time, the heel should be strong enough to increase the stability during hiking, or in the snow.

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The Difference Between Hiking Boots And Walking Shoes
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The Difference Between Hiking Boots And Walking Shoes
The primary difference between hiking boots and walking shoes: Hiking shoes are usually low while the hiking boots are mid boots.
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