How Can Employers Reduce Stress In The Workplace

Stress is a double-edged sword. Proper stress management, in some case, can help you face the pressure as well as motivate you to do your best. And how can employers reduce stress in the workplace? However, in the other case, if you always throw yourself in an emergency mode, then the stress does the harmful effects to you.

Here are the definitive guide for stress management and stress relief. Let’s get started for a healthier life.

What is stress
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Stress is the body’s reaction to any changes that require your response. 

Typically, the reactions are the way to protect you. 

You can experience stress anytime anywhere, such as a mortgage, a livelihood, or the birth of a child. 

If you are well-performing to the pressure, it helps you keep focused and moving on a better life. 

While if you are frightened of stress, in some case, it will ruin your life as well.

What causes stress?

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The situation caused stress called stressors. 

The causes of the stress divided into two sources – external causes of stress and internal causes of stress. 

Some of the external pressure include family, marriage, debt, buying a house, sick in hospitals, hustling at work, or anything that places enormous demands on you. 

While the internal conditions of stress involve all-or-nothing attitude, sensitive thinking, incompetent of the uncertainty, or stubborn personality.

By the way, the findings found out the top ten most stressful situation that has terrible effects on daily life:

  1. Death of a lover
  2. Divorce 
  3. Marriage separation
  4. Imprisonment
  5. Death of a close family member
  6. Injury or illness
  7. Marriage
  8. Job loss
  9. Marriage reconciliation
  10. Retirement

9 bad effects of stress

1. Stress affects the body

how can employers reduce stress in the workplace
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Excessive stress can lead to the tension of muscle, indigestion, rapid heartbeat, blood pressure rising, constant sweating, body cooling, increased thrombosis, and even the infusion of sugar or fat getting into the blood. 

The muscles suddenly change the source of energy and repel the threat after being stress. 

It also increases hormones of adrenaline and cortisol that will speed up heart rate, raise blood pressure, change the digestive system, and increase blood sugar.

2. Stress affects the behaviors

how can employers reduce stress in the workplace
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Enormous stress might lead to an increase in addition of smoking, drinking, drinking coffee, etc. Because people believe that those behaviors can reduce stress and relieve pressure or fatigue.

Nicotine and caffeine might make people feel relaxed because of the effects of both physiological and psychological.

On the other hand, repeated behavior can also alleviate anxiety. 

However, if people continue to the consumption of caffeine, the body will resist to these substances so that it caused addition. That would deliver heart diseases.

3. Stress affects the cognition

how can employers reduce stress in the workplace
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Excessive stress not only leads to inattention, memory decline, lack of understanding, and creativity but also increase constant concern, irritability, and anxiety.

4. Stress affects the health

stress management - stress affects the health​
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According to the medical findings, huge stress has dangerous effects on human nervous system, skeletal muscle system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, gastrointestinal system, and reproductive system.

Further, excessive stress can also produce allergic asthma, migraine, irritating enteritis, eczema, parrot fever, urticaria, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other diseases.

5. Stress affects the heart

how can employers reduce stress in the workplace
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If stress can’t be relieved appropriately, it might result in multiple heart conditions.

For example, it might increase blood lipids and thrombosis that contribute to heart disease or stroke. 

6. Stress affects the immunity system

stress management - Stress affects the immunity system​
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As states in some of the findings that both long-term stress and short-term stress can affect the vitality of the immune system. 

The higher the pressure, the fewer antibodies the body produces.

Additionally, it increases the chances of being infected by the virus, which can bring to malignant diseases such as lung cancer, blood cancer, and skin cancer.

7. Stress affects the Digestion

Stress affects the Digestion​
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Pressure might produce gastric acid, which leads to esophageal spasm, diarrhea, irritative enteritis, and colonic spasm. 

On the other hand, stress will increase the appetite resulting in heartburn or acid reflux. 

Moreover, you will even get vomiting or constipation if you suffer from huge stress.

8. Stress affects the body structure

how can employers reduce stress in the workplace
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On the one side, increased stress can lead to muscle tension that triggers headaches, migraine, and various muscle problems. 

On the other side, the reduction of hormones caused by stress can give rise to excessive losses of the bone that might generate orthopedic diseases.

9. Stress affects the skin

how can employers reduce stress in the workplace
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Stress has a significant influence on the skin. For example, acne is caused by stress. 

Also, the study of Medical Association recently showed that the situation of anxiety, stress, or anger will promote skin diseases such as rash and itching.

So, it’s essencial for employers to reduce stress in the workplace.

What are the signs of stress?

  1. Migraine at the weekend because of the sudden relaxation after stress.
  2. Frequent sweating
  3. Heartburn or stomach pain
  4. Increased or decreased appetite
  5. Nightmares
  6. Nervousness
  7. Increased frustration
  8. Suspiciousness
  9. Problems in a social relationship
  10. Excessive gambling or increased desire of buying

How can employers reduce stress in the workplace?

  1. If you are troubled by something, you can talk to someone rather than keep them as a secret.
  2. Try to laugh more is one of the best ways to reduce stress.
  3. Music might help relieve stress.
  4. Reading is also one of the simple as well as affordable ways to alleviate pressure.
  5. Keep doing proper exercise a day.
  6. Learn to say no can decrease many troubles from others.
  7. Helping others if you are too stressful to do anything.
  8. Travelling also well known as one of the quick ways for relaxation.
  9. Deep breathing can help ease your mind and lower anxiety.
  10. Practice mindfulness also helps reduce stress.
  11. Looking at the scene in the distance might lead to mental ease. 
  12. Try to get to a yoga class with a few easy poses can assist reduce pressure.
  13. Meditation also does well in increased pleasure.
  14. The studies also found out that chewing gum can ease anxiety.
  15. Spend some time with your pets or hanging outside with them.
  16. Go outside the door and take a walk aids in stress management and relief.
  17. Some finds also suggested that kissing someone can relieve hormones associated with stress.
  18. Studies found out that self-hypnosis might also good for stress management.
  19. Napping also can reduce stress.

Now it’s your turn to comment about the stress management:

Have you ever been stressful? What causes pressure? How do you deal with the stress?


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How Can Employers Reduce Stress In The Workplace - The Definitive Guide
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