How to Do Plank Jacks – Tips & Benefits

Do you plan to strengthen your core muscle and improve your balance? And if you are wondering how to do plank jacks?

Plank jacks are essential exercises, which is combined with cardio and core-strengthening. 

Besides, plank jack can strengthen your muscles of both the upper and lower body. 

Further, adding plank jacks to your workout routine a few times a week may also improve your stability and coordination.

how to do plank jacks
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The plank jack is an essential exercise that combined with cardio and core-strengthening.

It helps to boosts heart rate while working your lower and upper body. Plus, it also helps improve balance and posture.

Benefits of plank jacks

The plank jack strengthens your muscles of chest, abdominals, back, shoulders, and arms.

1. Strengthen the core muscles

The plank jack helps in training the core muscles. Also, it activates all your core muscles, including hips and back.

Plus, regular plank jack exercises can assist in enhancing postures and mobility.

2. Relief from back pain

The plank jack helps tone your muscles, which is the primary reason for reducing the risk of lower back pain.

How can strong core muscles help relieve lower back pain?

Because a strong core is beneficial to spinal alignment. So, in turn, results in lower back pain relief.

3. Reduce fat

The lank jack with resistance band are cardiovascular exercise, which helps you to burn calories and regulate your weight

Additionally, the plank jack exercises may also help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases, or some chronic diseases

4. Improve posture

Planks help enhance posture by stretching your muscles that are always under tension. Hence, it also helps with muscle relief and reduces fatigue.

5. Improve balance

How to do plank jacks to improve your balance?

Working the small muscles in your body with some planks can keep you upright that will enhance your balance. 

The push-ups also helps to improve the stability and flexibility.

6. Enhance endurance

How to do plank jack with resistance bands to improve your endurance?

Keep a static pose to hold your body can link to increase your muscles endurance. 

Because it requires your body to keep in a static position and struggling to do it right. 

Accordingly, you hold the posture for a longer time, which adds stress and strain on your muscles and improve the endurance.

How to do plank jacks with resistance bands

Step 1

Hold the resistance band around your ankles and then stay in a push-up position.

Step 2

Stretch out both legs to your sides until you feel a stress in your core and glutes.

Step 3

Let your legs back to starting position quickly and make sure to keep tension in the core all the time.

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How to Do Plank Jacks - Tips & Benefits
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How to Do Plank Jacks - Tips & Benefits
The plank jack is an excellent cardio move, which can help improve the heart rate and strengthen core muscles. Here's How to Do Plank Jacks.
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