How To Do Push Ups Easily For Beginners with Resistance Band

This is the complete guide of how to do push ups easily for beginners with a resistance band.

When it comes to push-ups exercises, people will always ask a question. Are daily push-ups unhealthy? The short answer is, of course, no.

If you want to improve bench press, enlarge your chest, build muscles, and even reduce weight, the push-ups will be one of the easiest ways to reach your goals.

So, we are here to bring you with the guide of push-ups to help bodybuilding.

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Push-ups are an excellent bodybuilding exercise that works for several upper body muscle groups, which are in your chest, arms, shoulders, triceps, back, and neck.

However, people are usually curious about how many push-ups per day for beginners.

The amount of push-ups depends on the intensity of your workout, current level of fitness, experience, and nutrition.

However, the amount of rest required depends on several things – including the intensity of your workout, current level of fitness, experience, and nutrition.

Hence, if you are a beginner, who can’t do more than ten push-ups at one time. Then it’s better to start with the maximum you can reach in two sets.

And when you become more strengthening, you can increase the quantity gradually.

12 Health benefits of doing push-ups

how to do push ups easily for beginners
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1. Strengthen your arms

The push-ups workout help grow the muscles of your arms as you put the whole body weight on it.

2. Build triceps muscles

The push-ups are the most traditional body shape exercise. It helps build your triceps muscle. 

If you have a regular plan with push-ups, you will get your triceps muscles visible in no time. The chest fly with resistance bands also helps build triceps muscle.

3. Enlarge your chest

The push-ups help strengthen the core and chest that will open your chest and tone your abs.

4. Help build V-shape body

This exercise stresses your back and lowers back muscles, which aids to build a good body shape.

5. Tone your core

Due to the press and stress on the core that can help reduce belly fat and improve your core.

6. Build biceps muscle

Since the push-ups require both of your hands to support your whole body weight, which will also benefit your biceps. So, your biceps will grow stronger and come in shape soon. 

7. Increase blood flow

Exercise helps increase the blood flow that can link to a healthy brain.

8. Easy & convenient for beginners

The push-ups are one of the most straightforward warm-up exercises for beginners, which can train the upper body. 

Plus, you can do it anywhere and anytime without any equipment that provides you with great conveniences.

9. Help in weight loss

This exercise helps burn lots of your calories. It means that your stored fat can be reduced by several repetitions of push-ups regularly.

10. Enhance metabolism

The push-ups are an energy-consuming exercise that requires your metabolism to work more to meet the goal. 

In return, it helps boost your metabolism, which can lead to anti-aging. The bent-over row exercise can also result in increasing metabolism.

11. Increase stability

The push-ups exercise targets many muscles groups, including torso, core, biceps, and triceps. 

Besides, the push-ups exercise routine can make them stronger and stable. The plank jacks also helps to improve the flexibility and balance.

12. Build bone mass

Since the exercise put the whole body weight on your arm and forearm, which are the parts of wrist bone and joints.

By the way, the shoulder front raise can also link to bone mass.

How to do push ups easily for beginners with resistance band

Step 1

Grasp the resistance band with both hands, then lay it across the back of your shoulders.

Step 2

Start with a push-up position, and put your hands shoulder-width apart, and make sure straight your legs and keep extended behind you.

Step 3

Bend your elbows to lower your body towards the floor.

Step 4

Making sure your upper arms are parallel to the floor when your chest is above the ground, and then get back to the beginning position.

Step 5

Repeat as what you want.

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How To Do Push Ups with Resistance Band Easily For Beginners
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How To Do Push Ups with Resistance Band Easily For Beginners
How to do push ups easily for beginners with resistance Band. This is the complete guide for push-ups workout to build muscles.
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