16 Effective Tips to Lose Stubborn Lower Belly Fat

Here’s the complete list of how to lose stubborn lower belly fat.

If you are sitting at the office for a long time, it’s easy to become a fatty belly.

So, how to reduce the belly fat? And which are the most useful tips to drop the fat on your belly?

Here are the 16 tips:

reduce belly fat
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If you want to reduce stubborn lower belly fat, you also need to lose weight. Therefore, it’s necessary to control the intake of the calories due to weight loss. 

While the vegetables and fruits can not only fuel you up quickly but also can decrease your desire for the sweets.

Plus,  vitamin-rich fruits such as avocado can help reduce the risk of constipation, which is one of the reasons for fat belly.

2. Drink more water & avoid carbonated drinks

Drinking a glass of plain water or vitamin-rich juice in the morning can promote gastrointestinal function to eliminate the wastes from your body. So, it’s also a well-known tip to lower the chances of belly fat.

Typically, it’s better to drink 2000-2500 ml water a day to keep hydrated. However, it’s not suggested to drink more water in a short time because it will lead to a decrease of the nutrition in the blood. 

Further, try your best to avoid carbohydrate or sugary drinks.

3. Avoid alcohol

Regardless of beers, cocktail, liquor or any drinks containing alcohol may result in gut fat. But how will the non-fatty alcohol lead to belly fat?  

Though there is no fat in alcohol, it carries a lot of calories. For example, a 200-ml glass of alcohol drink takes nearly 100 calories.

Besides, liquor will increase cortisol, which is a kind of hormone for storing fat.

4. Eat less oily meat

If you are worried about weight loss, it’s useful to stay away from the fatty meat.

Also, paying more attention to a daily healthy diet plays an essential role in weight loss. 

For instance, replace the high-fat port of protein fish that can help reduce your body weight.

5. Try sit-ups every day

Sit-ups every day is famous as one of the most effective ways to lose stubborn lower belly fat.  

But to achieve your goal, it’s beneficial to increase the quantities gradually so that you won’t get pain on the muscle. 

Meanwhile, it’s vital to do the sit-ups correctly. Use your waist to lift your body instead of your legs or your arms.

6. Sit up straight

Correcting the sitting posture and keeping straight when you stand up can assist drop potbelly. 

So, remind yourself of standing up or sitting up straight can lose stubborn lower belly fat at least 2 kg fat on the belly.

By the way, ab roller wheel can help turn your fat to muscle.

7. Massage the abdomen

If you want to lessen the fat on the belly, it’s valuable to massage your abdomen clockwise after exercise. It helps metabolize fat.

Usually, it’s better to do the massage twice a day when you get up in the morning and before sleeping in the evening. Keep inconsistent for a month, and you will lose the fat.

8. Use coarse salt in bathing

Coarse salt can get you to sweat to discharge the wastes in your body as well as the extra water. 

Hence, it will increase metabolism that can lead to a tight belly. 

Plus, it’s easy to follow – mixing some coarse salt with water, then put them on the abdomen in 10 minutes.

9. Keep an 8-hour sleep

A healthy diet including low-carb food, fibre-rich food, and non-sugar food plus regular exercise aid in stress relief and weight loss. 

But the premise is that you sleep for eight hours. Here are the signs of a good sleep.

Why is sleeping so important? Because the lacking time of sleeping may contribute to the increased stress hormone and weight gain.

10. Keep a healthy diet

Calculating the calories and avoiding high-carb junk food is exactly the golden rule for weight loss. 

Yet, you could reach your goals quickly if you try some weight loss food such as celery and broccoli.

11. Walk with a fast way

A study found out that walking in a fast way can help reduce around 1/4 calories on your belly in 3 months than those walk at an average speed. 

What requires your attention is that unless you keep a 30-minute fast walking, you can accomplish your goal.

12. Try aerobic exercise

One study found that aerobic exercise is the primary reduction in belly fat. 

Moreover, regular exercise can prevent people from re-gaining abdominal fat after weight loss.

13. Abdominal training

An exercise ball can improve coordination in abdominal training. 

Besides, a study found out that exercise with the ball can stimulate 47% ventral muscle and up to 40% rectus abdominis.

14. Balance exercise

A scientific study shows that some basics exercises such as squat and sit-to-stands can build your core muscle so that it can drop the fat on belly. 

15. Drink green tea

The Nutrition has found out that the exercisers with 4-glass of green tea a day can diminish the fat eight times more than those who have caffeine drinks. 

The researcher indicated that the catechol in green tea could boost the melodicism of the fat dramatically. 

By the way, green tea also serves as one of the best natural alternatives to pre workout products.

16. Reduce stress

Stress can not only wreak havoc on your metabolism but also up your appetite so that you will eat more. 

Henceforward, stress relief can help reduce fat. By the way, swimming can help reduce stress.

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16 Effective & Simple Tips to Lose Belly Fat in 2019
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16 Effective & Simple Tips to Lose Belly Fat in 2019
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