How To Do Lying Chest Press with Band – Tips & Benefits

Lying chest press targets the main muscles of the chest and the pectorals.

If you want to increase your upper body strength and have a bigger pec, you should try this exercise.

So, we bring this post about the benefits and tips to do the bench chest press. Also, there will be step-by-step guide of how to do lying chest press.

lying chest press with band
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The chest press is a typical upper-body strengthening exercise that targets the muscles of your pectorals (chest), deltoids (shoulders), and triceps (arms). 

Benefits of doing the chest press

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1. Strengthen your upper body

When you are performing the chest press, the weight you bench press can link to a more powerful shoulder and upper body.

2. Build pec major

The bench press helps to build the pec major, which is the glamour muscle of the chest. You will get larger and stronger appearance of your chest.

3. Improve bone health

Regular chest press workout can lead to healthy bones. It promotes your bone health by adding resistance on the body’s structure.

4. Strengthen your biceps muscles

The chest press can help build biceps muscles and strengthen your back.

5. Stimulates abdominal muscles

While activating muscles of the chest, arms, and shoulders, the chest press exercise also works the front and sides of the core muscles. 

Besides, the chest fly is another exercise as an alternative. By the way, if you want to increase your hand flexibility, you can also try the hand grip strengthen exercises.

How to do the lying chest press with band

Step 1

Lay your thighs on the ground and place a resistance band underneath your shoulders and hold both handles.

Step 2

Keep your upper arms in contact with the floor. 

Step 3

Pull the band up with your arms, making sure you extend both of your arms until they’re straight.

Step 4

Lower them back to starting position and repeat.

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How To Do Lying Chest Press with Band - Tips & Benefits
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How To Do Lying Chest Press with Band - Tips & Benefits
How to do lying chest press to increase your muscles and strengthen your upper body. Chest press for beginners with benefits and tips.
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