How To Do Shoulder Front Raise With Resistance Band

Do you want a stronger shoulder? A stronger joint can lead to an improvement in your functional ability. It means that you can easily lift a heavy object. And the shoulder front raise with a resistance band can help reach your goal. So, we are here to bring you with the benefits & tips of how to do shoulder front raise.

Shoulder front raises with a resistance band are a muscle-building as well as a weight training exercise. 

And it targets your shoulders muscles, including anterior deltoid, lateral deltoid, and trapezius. 

3 benefits of band front raise

band front raise
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1. Increase a size of your shoulder

The front lateral raises can provide us with the benefits to build muscles

Besides, some weightlifter can also get stronger and broader shoulders by holding barbell.

2. Improve your performance

Since the band front raise helps to have more muscle mass, which can lead to an increase in your strength and power.

It means that the increased strength provides you with enough energy in the bench press, dips, and other pressing movements.

3. Increase your stability

The shoulder front raises not only chiefly targets the shoulder muscles but also works your upper back muscles to stabilize your body. 

So, your deltoids have been trained.

How to do shoulder front raise with resistance band

Step 1

Stand on a band and make sure the resistance band is evenly distributed to be pulled by each arm.

Step 2

Grab the handles and lay your arms at your side.

Step 3

Then using your shoulders to raise the hands upwards, but you should make sure the hands are at shoulder level. 

And then lower the handles back down to the starting position.

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How To Do Shoulder Front Raise With Resistance Band
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How To Do Shoulder Front Raise With Resistance Band
Shoulder Front Raises with a resistance band can help build muscles, tone your shoulders, and increase the size of Anterior Shoulder.
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