10 Over Exercising Symptoms & How to Avoid it

People can get benefits from exercise. Also, to get enough exercise is well known as one of the most significant challenges. If you did it in the wrong way, it could lead to over-exercising. Because many people will be addictive to exercise. So, there some over exercising symptoms.

Here the guide will let you know the symptom of excessive exercise. And the harmful effects of an over-exercising?

over exercising
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1. Too much fatigue

Fatigue syndrome is commonly for weight loss players. If your heart or your lung can’t keep yourself to train for several days, you might probably have too much exercise. 

That will not only lower the effectiveness of your performance but also address you anxious. You can’t control your breath easily as before during the exercise.  Additionally, you will sweat more than ever before in training.

2. Joint pain

Your joints will get pain due to a large amount of training. If you suffered from joint pain for several days, you might be over-exercising. 

3. Performance decline

Even if you are doing exercise regularly, but you become weaker, slower, and degeneration of energy. 

Something you can do easily previously, however, you can’t do the same for that. So, if you found out you’ve decline the performance, it’s one of the over exercising symptoms.

4. Fat gain

Overtraining can result in the shrink of your muscle. Further, it contributes to increasing the fat because of the unbalanced hormone. 

Even though you can burn more calories, but the calories are from precious glucose, hepatic sugar, and  muscle.

5. Poorer sleep

If you are exercise too much, you become to feel anxious, excited, even getting a poor quality of sleep than before. 

Moreover, despite the enough rest, you can’t easily focus on the training. Finally, you recover from the workout slowly because of the poor sleep.

6. Easy to have a cold

Although you have a proper diet, get enough sunshine a day as well as have a quality sleep in eight-hour, you still incur a cold. 

This is because the over-exercise can lead to the decline of the immune system. You will recover until you have enough rest.

Hence, if you found out that your immune system are declined, it’s probably one of the over exercising symptoms.

7. Weaker than before

Sports can secrete endorphins that will make you feel relaxed and happy for a few days after achieving the goals. 

Also, it makes you fulfilled and satisfied. But if you exercise too much, this sense did not appear. However, you feel weak, tired, and dull after training rather than energetic. 

8. Decreased in appetite

Typically, proper training can increase your appetite while over-exercise can draw in a reduced craving. 

The reason why you are loss of appetite is that too much exercise can contribute to the decreased of the body regulation ability. It might appear irregular response of your body.

9. No motivation in training

You won’t get much motivated from the sports instead of the feelings of anxiety, depression, and escape. If your passion for sports are lessen, it might be also one of the over exercising symptoms.

10. Have a headache

You break out with dizziness or headache after high-intense activities because of changes in the blood pressure as well as the low level of the oxygen in the blood.

1. Might lead to iron deficiency anemia

Excessive exercise may cause a slow nerve reaction and reduced response capability.  

Additionally, it will also affect your balance and muscle. Moreover, you will usually have dizziness and nausea,

2. May damage cardiovascular function

Too much exercise can lead to continuous damage of myocardial capillaries, cardiac cells, and even serious in myocardial contractile. 

That will be the reasons of the decline of myocardial mechanical indicators so that you will incur arrhythmia, heartbeat, and slow heart rate recover.

3. Bad for nervous system

The signs of the corrupt nervous system are a headache, poor sleep, memory loss, sweat more, and dizziness, etc.

4. Lower gastrointestinal function

If you have too much exercise, it would hurt your stomatch so that you get a decline of the appetite.

5. Might weaken the immune system

You will easily get sick after extreme training by mean of the suppressed of your immune system — over-exercising results in increased levels of adrenaline and cortisol that will lower the ability to generate leukocyte. Therefore, you will immediately have a cold or have a fever.

6. Might affect antioxidant

Long-term excessive exercise can generate more free radical, which leads to speed up the fading.

If you found out that you are fading quickly, it might be one of the over exercising symtoms.

7 ways to avoid over exercising

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Image by Social Butterfly from Pixabay

1. Measure the heartbeat

Develop a good habit of measuring the heartbeat in the morning every day. Through regular observation, once the heartbeat is higher than previous 3-5 times or more, then it is not suitable for too high-intensity training. You will get a clear image of your body by long-term measuring and observation.

2. Listen to your body

The main reason for an over-exercising is the increasing quality and quantity of the training. Some findings suggested that an increase of 10% intensity each week will be best for your health.

3. Keep a quality sleep

A 7-hour sleep a day can lead to excellent recovery after training. On the other side, it helps improve the immune system so that you won’t easily get sick.

4. Have a healthy diet

To avoid overtraining, ensure to add enough protein and carbohydrates after each high-intensity workouts. For example, protein food includes cottage cheese, eggs, beans, broccoli, greek yogurt etc.

5. Try a massage

A proper massage helps relieve the intension of the muscle. Also, it aids to metabolize the useless materials in the body to speed up the recovery.

6. Alternately from intensity to mild

What is the meaning of alternately from intensity to mild? For example, you can have a rest a day, then have a gentle training such as swimming or yoga for 30-minute, and finally, make it in cycling. You can get recovery quickly through this alternately. 

7. Consider a trainer

Try some new sports, or a new coach can help get rid of the stable training. It assists in increasing the passion for the train along with with gains more motivation and confidence.

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Now I’d like to turn it over to you:

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Or maybe you have a question about something you read.

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10 Over Exercising Symptoms & How to Avoid it
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