How to Do Single Leg Bench Bridge – Tips & Benefits

Here are the tips and benefits of single leg bench bridge.

If you want to shape your butt and strengthen your core, the single-leg bench bridge will be one of the best exercises to reach your goal.

Besides, there are tons of benefits of doing the glute bridge.

Single Leg Bench Bridge
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The single-leg bridge works your hip flexors and knee extensors, including the iliopsoas, sartorius, and quadriceps.

6 benefits of single leg bench bridge

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1. Shape your butt

The bridge with resistance band can strengthen the hip and knee extension. However, the primary muscle it works is the gluteus maximus muscle, which the largest one in the buttocks.

2. Relieve your lower back pain

The bridge works the hamstrings, lower back, abs, in addition to the glutes so that it can link to back pain relief.

3. May reduce knee pain

The exercise can ease your upper leg bone that is the main part for relief from knee pain.

4. Strengthen your back

Glute bridges also works the posterior muscles that is the essential muscle group in your body.

5. Improve your balance

The bridge not only works your back muscles but also helps to reduce imbalance and injuries due to the overtrained from other parts.

6. Improve your posture

Your glute muscles will get weaker if you are sitting for a long time a day. But the bridge exercise can help relieve your tight body.

How to do single leg bench bridge

Step 1

Lay down with feet flat on the floor, and your knees pointing upwards bent at a 90-degree angle.

Step 2

Place a resistance band across your hips.

Step 3

Raise your hips upwards until a straight line is formed from your knees to your shoulders.

Step 4

Hold this extended position for 1 second before slowly lowering your hips down to the starting position.

Now, it’s your turn for comment the glute bridge exercise.

Will you practice with resistance band?


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How to Do Single Leg Bench Bridge - Tips & Benefits
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How to Do Single Leg Bench Bridge - Tips & Benefits
How to do single leg bench bridge? What are the benefits of the resistance band glute bridges and single leg bench bridge?
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