Top 10 Healthy & Easy Snacks During Pregnancy

The healthy snacks during pregnancy add extra protein to the body, which can satisfy the craving.

Here are the ten kinds of healthy snacks for pregnancy.

snacks during pregnancy
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Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Fruits are rich in many kinds of vitamins that are healthy for pregnancy. The most popular fruit snack is sorbet with fresh fruit. 

Because it’s easy to make at home. Sorbet is a simple combination of fresh fruits and sugar.

Besides, fruits such as apples, avocado, bluberry, and dried grape are good for fertility.

2. Boiled eggs

boiled egg
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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

A hard-boiled egg contains calcium, vitamin A and 6 grams of protein that’s a total win for moms-to-be. 

However, some moms go for cheese and eggs for a snack to fill up. 

3. Greek Yogurt

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Image by Bernadette Wurzinger from Pixabay

Yogurt is the most accessible snacks to make and carry to anywhere. Plus, the greek yogurt is better than yogurt for its high protein. 

Typically, people will make a snack for pregnancy with yogurt and fresh fruits to add the flavor. 

4. Smoothie

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Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

The smoothie is the best homemade snacks during pregnancy. Plus, it’s the convenient snacks to college, party, studios or workouts. 

Also, it’s easy to make with skim milk and fresh fruits. There’s no doubt that these are low-calorie appetizers.

By the way, smoothie is also one of the best healthy filling snacks under 100 calories.

5. Potato chips

patato chips
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Image by Bernadette Wurzinger from Pixabay

The potatoes are useful to control the blood pressure for pregnancy. 

Moreover, the air fryer chips are a delicious and crunchy snack during pregnancy. 

What’s more, some people prefer chips and cheese and sweet potato chips which are another healthy snack. 

Or, homemade banana chips will also be another try.

6. Dried fruits and nuts

Trail mix
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Image by Denis Doukhan from Pixabay

What are the differences between dried fruit and trail mix? Trail mix is kind of carb-heavy snack that contains much sodium. While the dried fruits and nuts are picked by yourself. 

Further, the unsalted nuts contribute to a healthy heart. So, it’s the healthiest snacks during pregnancy, and it can keep in full for a longer time.

Some people will also make peanut butter protein balls to satisfy the craving.

7. Whole Grain Snacks

Oatmeal isn’t just healthy for a breakfast. The whole grain cereal contain 9 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, and 20 grams of whole grain, which is the popular snacks to fill up.

8. Toast with fruits

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Image by Ann San from Pixabay

The fruit toast is easy to make at home so that it’s another popular healthy snack during pregnancy. 

Just mash up the fruit onto the whole-grain toast and squeeze the lemon juice. That’s an easy vegan snack.

9. Sandwich

snacks during pregnancy - sandwich
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Image by LuckyLife11 from Pixabay

Sandwich with tomatoes and cheese can not only provide enough vitamin the body needs but also offer a functional protein. 

By the way, making with whole wheat bread can fill up soon. 

Therefore, the sandwich is one of the best healthy snack options as well as healthy fill snacks.

10. Chocolate

snacks during pregnancy - chocolate
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Image by K Wol from Pixabay

Chocalate may lower the risk of high blood pressure and organ damage for pregnant women. Besides, the homemade chocolate bliss balls is also a delicious snacks during pregnancy. It’s easy to make protein / energy balls at home.

Now I’d like to turn it over to you:

Which snacks you prefer?

Or maybe you have a question about something you read.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Top 10 Healthy & Easy Snacks During Pregnancy
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Top 10 Healthy & Easy Snacks During Pregnancy
Looking for healthy snacks during pregnancy to satisfy the cravings? Here are the complete range of the healthy and easy snacks for pregnancy
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