Best Ways to Stay Hydrated in Extreme Heat in 2019

Here’s the best ways to stay hydrated in extreme heat. A person requires 30 – 50 ounces of fluid per day. Drinking water is essential to stay healthy as well as maintain the function of each system in the body. 

Typically, we can get dehydrated quickly in summer so that it’s more challengeable to stay hydrated due to a lot of sweating. 

With today’s guide, you will realize that:

  • Why stay hydrated is so important?
  • How to stay hydrated?
  • How to know if you are dehydrated?

Water can promote physiological processes, including digestion, waste removal, and body protection. That’s why the water is so important.

Additionally, fluid exists everywhere in your body, but it’s difficult to see how it works. Therefore, we will tell you how the water keeps our body functioning correctly.

1. The mouth

The mouth is the first stop of the digestion while it’s also the first station for water to operate in your body. And the aforementioned begins with saliva. The salivary glands secrete saliva into the mouth, but the primary element of the saliva is water. Saliva breaks down food into smaller pieces so that your body can digest food accordingly.

2. The digestion

Water is an excellent solvent, which means that substances such as foods and the nutrients are more water-soluble and decomposed in water. Hence, it is not surprising that water plays a vital role in digestion. Also, it’s practical to digest food with fluid.

3. The small bowel

The food will head toward from your stomach to the small intestine where most of the water you drink is absorbed.

Additionally, the inner wall of the small gut covers with tiny finger-like projections called fluff that helps increase the surface area of the small bowel to maximize water absorption.

4. The blood

The water that is absorbed by the small intestine will enter into the bloodstream and then transports throughout the body. Accordingly, drinking plenty of water helps maintain healthy blood circulation.

Sometimes the trash will accumulate in the blood and need to be removed so that it brings the ordinary water to your kidneys.

5. The kidneys

The kidneys can filter the waste and toxins in the blood and then expel undesired substances from the body through the urine. Hereafter, this is why it is crucial to maintain healthy moisture in the body, especially if you suffer from illnesses.

Another way to remove the toxins in your body is the regular bowel movements. Moreover, drinking water also helps to relieve constipation, which softens the stool and helps push the feces through the colon.

6. The skin

Skin is the last stop of the work of water in your body because sweating is another function based on liquid. Sweat consists of water, minerals, electrolytes, and various compounds that the body wants to exclude. So, refresh enough fluid can help drain the waste effectively.

Besides, sweating helps maintain average body temperature. How does sweat help you cool down? The water will become volatile when the water passes through the pores so that it can lower the temperature of the body.


The researchers concluded that drinking enough water can enhance motor skills and visual focus.

Keeping hydrated is extremely helpful for the body, for example:

  1. Properly refreshing fluid to the body can maintain beautiful and healthy skin.
  2. Fluid helps recover from injuries, reduces wrinkles, and maintains the elasticity of the skin.
  3. It helps increase your immune system function and antibacterial ability.
  4. Staying hydration helps protect delicate bones, brain, spine, and other vital organs so that it can protect your body from the damage.

6 best ways to stay hydrated in extreme heat

best ways to stay hydrated in extreme heat
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Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

1. Drink water

The body contains 75% water so that water is the primary elements to support our survival. 

Thus, a person requires 2-liter of water a day, but if you weight over 140-pound, it’s better to drink 3-liter water a day.

Hence, drinking water is one of the best ways to stay hydrated in extreme heat.

2. Get water from the food

The foods look like juice are hydrating such as watermelons, stone fruits, and cucumbers, all of which contain a tremendous amount of water.

3. Drink coconut juice

Coconut juice is delicious with precious electrolytes, making it an excellent alternative to water in hot weather. 

If you have been sweating or exercising, it’s the best way to replenish the electrolyte to stay hydrated. 

It’s worth noting that it’s better to choose the unsweetened juice because sugar can hinder hydration.

4. Drink diluted juice

Diluted juice is the best alternative to light water.

However, it’s crucial to choose the 100% natural juice with sugar-free and non-artificial such as apple juice or cranberry juice to keep hydrated. 

The fruit in the fluid can replenish enough healthy water for your body. So, the diluted juice is also one of the best ways to stay hydrated in extreme heat.

5. Put a piece of fruit into the water

People usually put a piece of lemon slices or lime slices into the water that helps refresh yourself — furthermore, the cucumber slices, citrus slices or grapefruit. 

A pure of fruit can change the taste of the water while it can also help increase vitamin C to your body.

6. Avoid beverage

Anything high in sugar or caffeine can lead to dehydrating. Accordingly, avoid beverage is known as one of the best ways to stay hydrated in extreme heat.

Moreover, the beverage also has adverse effects on increasing the risk of heart complications.  

For example, heart diseases include chest pain, ischemia, dizziness, and paresthesia. 

If you do drink an energy drink, be sure to supplement plenty of water to keep a healthy body. 

How to know if you are dehydrated?

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Image by Bruno Ramos Lara from Pixabay

8 reasons of dehydration

  • Have a fever
  • Heatstroke
  • Excessive exercise
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • The infection causes an increase in urination
  • Lack of water intake
  • Skin injury, such as sunburn or ulceration

Symptoms of dehydration in adults

  • Thirst
  • Reduced in urine
  • Become irritability and confusion
  • Weak
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • Little or no tears
  • Not sweating
  • Heart-throb

Symptoms of dehydration in children

  • The mouth is dry and feels sticky
  • Little or no tears when crying
  • Drowsiness or irritability
  • Eye depression
  • Baby head slamming in depression
  • No urination in 6 to 8 hours
  • No urination in 12 hours, or only a small amount urination
  • Tired or dizzy (larger child)

Now I’d like to turn it over to you:

What do you think of the best ways to stay hydrated in extreme heat?

Or maybe you have a question about something you read.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Best Ways to Stay Hydrated in Extreme Heat in 2019
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Best Ways to Stay Hydrated in Extreme Heat in 2019
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