Weight Loss Exercise, Diet & Plan: The Definitive Guide

Weight loss is something intentional. 

For example, dieting and exercise can lead to a decrease in body fluid or fat. 

Here’s the definitive guide to lose weight in 2019. 

If you want to achieve a healthier life, you can’t miss this chance.

Now, let’s get started.

1. Practice yoga

A study found out that a yoga practice can develop mindfulness, which might become tune with the body so that the yogis feel full. So, people with regular yoga exercise help reduce food intake to lose weight.

There are many types of yoga, and typically, there will be eight basic types of yoga. And every kind of exercise can lead to different benefits.

Also, yoga practice can result in better quality sleep. Another study found out that quality sleep might have a significant effect on fat loss. Some findings stated that yoga workout help burns calories as well as lose weight. 

2. Try to move more

Brisk walking is a straightforward way to lose weight. It is not only beneficial to your feet but the entire body. Typically, ensuring walk 5,000 steps a day contributes to weight loss quickly.

3. Avoid high-calorie food

A large number of high carbs and high salt food intake can lead to a harmful effect on your weight. Try some nutritious food, or single-ingredient food can further reduce weight.

4. Eat protein vegetables

Everyone requires a protein source and a fat source. You can quickly get the fat source from butter or coconut oil.

However, it’s more useful to limit the carb consumption within the range of 20-50 grams per day. The low-carb vegetables include cucumber, tomato, broccoli, pepper, mushroom, spinach, etc.

The reasons why we need to eat high-protein food is that it reduces your eating desire for food by over 50%. 

5. Try lift weight

Lift the weight several times a week can help burn calories. Moreover, it aids in metabolism acceleration so that you will lose weight.  

Additionally, the high-intense cardio exercise such as walking, jogging, running, and swimming also helps burn calories.

6. Drink coffee or tea

Caffeine can stimulate the metabolic rate to lose weight. A research found out that common caffeine consumption promotes thermogenesis so that more calories are burned.

7. Keep a quality sleep

Poor-quality sleep might result in body weight gain. It increases your weight through energy expenditure and energy intake. However, the fitness tracker helps monitor your sleep quality every day simply. Besides, having a quality sleep can also assist to lose belly fat. Here are the signs of a good sleep.

8. Eat low-carb food

Carbs can store excess water in the body, which is the reason for obesity. So, try to eat fewer carb can reduce weight.

9. Try to eat slowly

Eating at a fast speed draws in more energy intake that will increase your weight. While if you eat slowly can make you feel full.

10. Drink water before a meal

An authority study stated that 500 ml of water consumption before each main meal could result in a 44% weight loss.

11. Measure your weight regularly

study showed a regular measurement of the weight could prevent weight gain.

5 effective exercises to lose weight quickly

1. Swimming

Swimming is well-known as one of the activities to lose weight quickly. Some findings stated that swim at least 2.5 hours a week could lose weight. It will be much better if you swim with a stroke because it aids to burn more calories. 

2. Jumping rope

Jumping rope is a cardio exercise for the whole body, which can also benefit your lung and core. A study confirmed that if someone can jump rope 20-minute per day, he will lose extra 200 calories a day. Keeping inconsistent with 7-day, you can see great results in weight loss.

3. Running

Running is one of the simple ways to lose weight that you can try. Running in 30-minute three times a week can burn enough calories to lose weight.

4. Yoga

The flowing style of yoga such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or Power Yoga, can do better in weight loss. But it’s better to keep doing 4-5 times a week to achieve the body change. Why does yoga help lose weight? Because it can raise the metabolism of the body.

5. Lunges

Combining lunges with regular aerobic exercise can help lose fat and build muscle. A 185-pound person will burn 533 calories in 30-minute of aerobic activities. So, lunges need to combine with some high-intensity workouts that add weights to your body so that it helps lose weight.

7-day diet plan in weight loss

The basic formula of main meals

  1. Breakfast: 250g multigrain and 200g salad.
  2. Lunch: 100 grams of protein food and 200-300 grams of vegetables.
  3. Dinner: 400 grams of vegetarian food.

Day 1

weight loss meal 1
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Spaghetti is a kind of healthy food with low-carb. That’s better for weight loss. Additionally, beef is also known as one of the low-fat diets but with high-protein that will fuel you up quickly. Not to mention, the four dishes are less salt and less oil, which can be finished within 20 minutes.

Day 2

weight loss meal 2
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Fruit toast with sweet yam is whole grain food that can make you feel full. Also, proper fruit consumption daily can supplement vitamins.

Day 3

lose weight meal
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The toast diet can replace with the day 2 one if you prefer Kiwi. Try to eat the food with less oil and salt can lead to a considerable decline in weight.

Day 4

day 4
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The boiled vegetable contains vitamins to the body. Shrimp with pepper can generate more protein to make you full.

Day 5

weight loss day 5
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The fruit and yogurt with less sugar are tasty but easy to make within a minute. It’s better for breakfast and dinner. 

Day 6

weight loss day 6
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Here are the non-fried chicken and boiled vegetable with a cup of black coffee made by a simple coffee maker. You can enjoy your late afternoon without hunger.

Day 7

weight loss day 7
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This fruits and eggs produce enough protein and energy to the body. You won’t be lack of vitamins or heat.

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Weight Loss Reasons, Diet & Plan: The Definitive Guide
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Weight Loss Reasons, Diet & Plan: The Definitive Guide
The definitive guide to lose weight with a step-by-step plan.

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