Top 10 Best Hot Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands (2019 Updated)

Best Hot Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands

New to yoga practice?

Have no ideas about choosing the best yoga mats for beginners?

This guide will be helpful to yoga beginners.

With today’s guide, you are going to learn:

  • Products reviewed: Top 10 best yoga mats for beginners.
  • Why is yoga mat essential for yoga beginners?
  • How to choose a yoga mat?

1) High Density Non-Slip Exercise Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands

This yoga mat for hot yoga is made of high-density eco-friendly material, ensure the excellent quality for yoga beginners.

The yoga mat for sweaty hands designed by BalanceFrom GoYoga can easily clean by water and soap.

So, you don’t worry about throwing away when the yoga mat gets dirty.

Also, the price ($10.99) is affordable for most of the yoga beginners.

And that’s an easy try in the yoga world.


  • 1/4” thick ensures comfort
  • Lightweight and easy-take
  • Free yoga mat strap included
  • Easy-clean
  • Anti-tear

  • Shedding bit and pieces
  • A little twitst

2) 1/2'' Thick 71'' Long Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Solid yoga mat for hot yoga, hugely recommended this one.

Ordinarily, you can use this hot yoga mat daily and primarily for over two years.

By its long-lasting foam, it’s reliable to use the mat for stretching, cat poses, big toe poses, boat poses, etc.

The protective non-slip surface will guarantee your flow efficiency and safety.

Practice on the folding yoga mat with the other tools such as yoga ab wheel, yoga cushion, or yoga block will accomplish your goal quickly.


  • High-quality foam good for sensitive joints
  • Waterproof
  • Non-slip
  • Mat sling included

  • Easy peeling
  • Fall apart
  • Thicked

3) Natural Organic Line Cotton Yoga Mat

This yoga mat for sweaty hands is produced of eco-friendly material with natural healing inside.

The doctor approved yoga mat is entirely drug-free.

Over 5,000 precise engineer spikes this sustainable coconut fiber yoga mat.

What is the most featured us is the hot yoga mat invented in Australia with non-toxic production.


  • Well-made
  • Acupressure 
  • Nice-design
  • Comfortable

  • Heavy
  • Scratching

4) Folding Panel Best Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands

Unique folded design yoga mat makes it conveniently taking to the studio for a workout.

It is constructed of good denseness foam, the mat getting only clean by water and soap.

Thick and comfortable mat works excellent, very useful for doing advanced gym.

Same as the image, the yoga mat designs sturdy and sharp.

Anyway, I recommended it by the folded purpose.


  • Professional manufacturer
  • Multi-functional  mat
  • Size-expandable
  • Comfortable

  • Heavy
  • Expensive ($199)

5) Exercise Ab Yoga Mat for Beginners

If you are looking for an excellent idea, price under $20, shipped quickly, this yoga mat is for you.

With Ab support pad inside the product, promise and support your body safely.

The seller also offers a 60-day money back if you are not satisfied with the yoga mat.

It comes with the ergonomic design, also known as the best yoga mats for beginners.


  • Definitely support
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable and strong
  • Safe and effective

  • Smelly
  • Wrong tailbone protector

6) Folding Panel Gym & Best Yoga Mats For Beginners

The Best Choice Product yoga mat made with small size 8’*4’*2′ thickness, it’s straightforward and convenient to take it outside for exercises.

With the durable PU leather cover, you can wash and clean the mat by water easily.

The yoga mat for sweaty hands is manageable to set up and fold up after workout routine.

Take this mat to have your 10 minutes Tibetan exercise will be a solid try.


  • Good for yoga and gym beginners
  • Easy storage
  • Eco-friendly
  • Pretty lightweight

  • Fall apart after use
  • A little bit hard and tough

7) ZZSet Meditation Cushions Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga

This mat set designs for yoga meditation.

With high-end material, double-stitched craftsmanship, the perfect stuff to have a rest and relax your soul.

The yoga mat is the handcrafted most exceptional meditation cushion since 1979. 

Made with 100% cotton material, so it’s light to take anywhere you want.

The removable cover can replace, and you don’t need to change the whole set.

Anyway, it’s good stuff for your spiritual journey.


  • Removable cover
  • 100% Organic cotton

  • None

8) Premium Extra Thick Exercise & Fitness Mat

Sweet, thick, perfect condition with lifetime guarantee all acts super suitable for newcomers.

Variety of colors and patterns are available for your choice; excellent design will keep you motivated all the discipline.

Further, the surface is simple to clean after your yoga class or outside routine.

You will be right at practice with this thick enough best cork yoga mat for beginners.


  • Thick
  • Small package
  • Lightweight
  • Non-toxic PVC

  • Slippery
  • Strong odor

9) Fitness Instructional Printed Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands

With this printed yoga pose yoga mat for hot yoga, you will get into the yoga quickly.

If you forget how the posture you will go next, have a glance on the mat and you will continue.

This instructional yoga mat alike you have a yoga teacher at your service anywhere and anytime.


  • Pose printed on the mat
  • Good for beginners
  • Non-slip
  • Earth friendly material

  • Poor quality
  • Small

10) Premium 6 mm Printed Best Yoga Mats for Beginners

Gaiam is a big brand in yoga. There are thousands of fans of this brand, so you are sure to have confidence in Gaiam yoga mat.

They are made of non-toxic material ensures security and eco-friendly.

They offer free download yoga workout is the most crucial point I want to recommend this yoga mat.

Frequently, if you choose a comfortable and thick yoga mat, it might help reduce nervously as well as improve relaxation and happiness.

You won’t be miss this chance. That would be the best yoga mats for beginners.


  • Lightweight
  • Sticky
  • Non-toxic material
  • Free bonus downloadable yoga workout 

  • Technical smell
  • Bad material

Why Yoga Mat is Important for Yoga Beginners?

  • Comfort your knee
  • Help you for stability
  • A better space for you to retreat
  • Protect you and avoid injury

How To Choose The Best Yoga Mat?

1. Consider your requirements

You will need to have a clear idea of what is the type of your body. That will determine the thickness of the yoga mat.

And which type of yoga you will usually do with this yoga mat also essential to find the yoga mat.

Lastly, if you are doing yoga outside your home, it’s better to select those comfortable and made of 100% cotton. 

Because that type will help increase your relaxation and freedom when you are in retreat.

2. Focus on the styles and materials

Typically, many people will have their priority to choose easily clean yoga mat.

For example, rubber and PVC material yoga mat can wash by water and clean by soap.

That’s convenient for daily use.

3. Budgets

In the yoga market, the price is not very clear.

Your budgets for the natural yoga mat will depend on what kind of function you require.

At the prevailing situation, yoga mat price is ranged from 15 USD to 100 USD.

4. Lightweight

Mats feature in a lightweight, ensuring you can take out to the yoga studio efficiently and conveniently.

5. Thickness

The thickness of the mat comes in a variety of size. However, most of them are measured from 6 mm to 12.7 mm, which will be the perfect fit for yoga practice.

6. Textured surface

The mat is constructed of a textured surface can improve the traction so that you won’t get slippery while you are sweat. But if you prefer non-grid surface, it’s better to buy a yoga towel to avoid slippery.

7. Water-resistant

Some material such as NBR, it repels moisture for low-maintenance. Just wipe with wet cloth/sponge to clean with air dry. It’s convenient to clean your mat after the workouts.

What is the Right Size of the Yoga Mats?

It’s known that the standard size for a mat is the 24-inch full and 68-inch length with 3 mm thickness.

1. Wide

It’s manageable to establish the wide of the mat caused most of them are 24-inch, and it fits most of the adults. So you don’t necessitate to be confused about the wide.

2. Length

Most of the entrants will choose the standard size mat because it’s easier for them to practice. While they become more familiar with the posture, they will select those sizes which are more suitable.

Plus, the mats should cover your entire body so that it’s essential to know how tall are you. Regularly, some companies also offer 72-inch, 74-inch, and 82-inch length for those 6 feet or taller people.

3. Padding / thickness

Typically, the standard padding of the mat is 3 mm. While some of the yogis with lower back problems or knee pain should better choose the mat with extra padding with 1/4 inch or even 1/2 inch. It protects your body against injury. However, when achieving your goal in the yoga exercise, you will prefer the mat thinner for better practice.

How Often Should You & How to Clean Up the Yoga Mat?

1. How often should you clean the yoga mat?

If you practice yoga every day, it’s better to wash the yoga mat once a month to advise transferring bacteria to you.

But considering the lifetime of the mat, it’s better washed by less water to avoid waterlogged.

2. How to handwash your yoga mat?

  • Soak your mat in warm water with dish soap in a few minutes.
  • Wash the whole mat with the soft cloth, especially those parts you tough often.
  • Clean up the mat with pure water to clear the soap.
  • Squeeze out remaining moisture on the mat.
  • Finally, hang up until it’s dry.

3. How to machine wash your yoga mat?

It saves you a lot of time if your mat with the machine washable material, such as the natural tree rubber or microfiber.

Just take a simple way to throw it into the laundry and waiting for dry.

4. How to take care of the yoga mat?

  • Regularly maintain the yoga mat after each use can make your mat last longer. Wipe the dirt, sweat, oils, or something else by soft cloth.
  • Guarantee your feet and hands are clean before practice.
  • It’s necessary to put a yoga towel on the mat if you sweat a lot.
  • Also, make sure to keep and store your yoga mat at a dry and cool location.

What's the Best Material of the Yoga Mat?

When it comes to yoga mats, there are many of the material, even some of them you didn’t hear. It can be ranged from TPE, PU, PVC, NBR, PER, JUTE, and Natural Rubber. But the most important thing for selecting the material is non-toxin and long-lasting.

1. TPE yoga mat ( Recommended )

TPE ( Thermoplastic elastomers ) is the material with both advantages of rubbery and plastic. The TPE yoga mat features stretchy and long-lasting that provides better performance in the workouts. Thus, it’s recyclable and good for the environment.

2. PU yoga mat ( Not recommended )

PU ( Polyurethane ) is something made of layers of PU and woven textile for ground leather. It’s soft and feels like the real leather as well as its leather-like wrinkle. Additionally, the PU material yoga mat is cost-effective while it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

3. PVC yoga mat ( Not recommended )

What is PVC made of?

PVC is flexible and robust plastic for construction. It’s durable and sturdy anti-slip.

Is PVC harmful to a human?

PVC is listed as the harmful material to a human being, so it’s better to avoid PVC yoga mat.

Why still is many products made of PVC?

Because PVC is durable, stiff, super low-cost plastic material that is easy to fabricate, bond, and weld.

4. JUTE yoga mat ( Recommened )

The primary source of material of JUTE is Corchorus olitorius. It’s referred to one of the most affordable natural fibers. It performs well in extra-sweaty so that most of the yogis love to buy one.

5. Natural rubber yoga mat ( Recommened )

The rubber naturally comes from rubber trees, which are the new material not similar to the EVA containing the synthetic rubber. Thus, the rubber yoga mat is eco-friendly and anti-slip, offering the best condition for yoga practice. But if you are allergic, please avoid rubber products.

How to Fix a Slippery Yoga Mat?

  • Keep you clean before yoga practice.
  • Put a yoga towel on the mat.
  • Clean your mat regularly.
  • Wear yoga socks or yoga gloves.
  • Rubbed your mat with sea salt.
  • Practice with the right side.


The yoga mat is one of the best tools for yogis in practice. Here you have the ten best yoga mat in 2019, and you can buy them at amazon easily with our link. 

With today’s guide, you will have full knowledge with the yoga mat from why you should use it and how to choose the material of the yoga mat or how to clean up, etc.

Now, it’s your turn trying those yoga mat for your workout.

If you have any problems in this articles, just leave us the comment at the below.

Top 10 Best Hot Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands (2019 Updated)
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Top 10 Best Hot Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands (2019 Updated)
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